Flower Tiles Eco Coffee Cup


Weight (inc box):212 grams

Width (inc box):10 cm

Height (inc box):14 cm

Depth (inc box):10cm


400 ml Go Sip Rice Husk Cup, available in a range of different colours & designs.


Made from rice husk which is completely biodegradable, contains no plastic and is BPA and toxin-free.

100% eco friendly!

Silicone heat sleeve and lid; which whilst not being biodegradable is recyclable & non-toxic, microwave and dishwasher safe -30 to 120 C (-22 to 248 F).


Comfortable, strong, lightweight, durable and conforms to international certification standards.


When you are ready to dispose of this item just soak the cup in water overnight, then crush and bury it in compost or soil. Rice husk starts to biodegrade in soil within six months.


This cup has a life cycle- Rice is grown & harvested then the husks are crushed into powder. The powder is moulded into the cup, which after disposal biodegrades back into the soil as fertiliser and the cycle starts again. Sustainable use of agricultural waste and more environmentally friendly than standard plastic cups or cups made from other materials.



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